The exact same as yours. I like the activities you like and perhaps even more so. You and I definitely have things in common.


    Very, very eclectic and telling about who I am. Take my word on this: I dazzle people.

Favorite Music:

    I just love listening to it. Sometimes in the car and even at home. I guess I just like the sound of it for some reason.

Favorite TV Shows:

    I'll give you a hint: everyone thinks it will be up for an Emmy or two. It's a show you've been hearing everyone talk about but you haven't seen yet. Do you remember how good Rich Man Poor Man was? This is even better. I'm watching it right now. Call me later and let's talk about why more people "don't get it" the way we do!

Favorite Movies:

    Mostly limited release films. The kind of movies distributors assume are too intellectual for surburban areas. I don't need a conventional ending. I like to connect the dots and complete
the picture myself.

Favorite Books:

    I'm constantly reading book after book. It's a shame more
people don't read as much as you and I do.

Favorite Quotations:

    Honestly? Pick ANY page from The Secret. Even the back
cover works for me when I'm in a rush. Sometimes I just read a page for breakfast. Ideas feed me.

Dan Panosian - Los Angeles based comic book, storyboard and advertising artist